Our Commitments

As we work to address racism, inequity, and injustice at Duke, we have sought to move decisively and without delay to mobilize every part of our enterprise by redoubling existing efforts and by initiating significant new programs. At the same time, we must ensure that anti-racism and equity remain long-term priorities for Duke, woven carefully into every aspect of our institutional strategy and culture. With these two goals in mind, we make the following commitments as a community.

Furthering the Excellence of our Faculty

Recognizing that faculty who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color must have equitable opportunities for hiring and advancement, we have initiated programs to further the excellence of our faculty.

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further the excellence of our faculty »

Strengthening our Student Community

Recognizing that the student experience must be equitable, we are strengthening our student community.

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strengthen our student community »

Supporting our Staff

Recognizing that all employees must have access to equal opportunities for growth and pay equity, we are initiating programs supporting our staff.

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support our staff »

Advancing Training and Education for All

Recognizing that the work of anti-racism begins with education, we are advancing training and education for all.

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advance training and education for all »

Promoting Health Equity

Recognizing that socioeconomic and racial disparities often result in significant disparities in healthcare, we are striving to promote health equity.

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promote health equity »

Investing in Leadership

Recognizing that diversity at the senior leadership level is critical, we are investing in leadership.

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invest in leadership »

Fostering Research

Recognizing our institutional mandate to generate knowledge in service of improving society, we are seeking new modes of fostering research.

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foster research »

Engaging our Alumni

Recognizing that many of our graduates have and will continue to encounter racism, we are engaging our alumni.

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engage our alumni »

Revisiting Duke’s Institutional History

Recognizing our university’s historic connections to systems of racism and inequity, we are focused on revisiting Duke’s institutional history.

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revisit Duke’s institutional history »

Engaging with and supporting our Durham and regional communities

Recognizing the complex socioeconomic challenges facing our city and region, we are engaging with and supporting our Durham and regional communities.

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Engage with and support our Durham and regional communities »