Our Actions

Supporting our Staff

Making Duke Career Pathways More Accessible

Duke is expanding internship, training, and apprenticeship programs to make Duke career pathways more accessible.

Update, June 2022: The REAC Infrastructure and Policy Subcommittee is developing a racial equity advancement rubric to track equitable opportunities for career advancement.


New Professional Development Opportunities

Duke is launching new professional-development opportunities for our staff at all levels, with a focus on reaching historically underserved populations.


Human Resources Data and Analyses

Human Resources will track promotions and new hires and offer pay-equity analyses on a regular, ongoing basis. These data will be available to any member of the Duke community beginning in January.

Update, June 2022: REAC is developing tools for conducting a pay equity study across the institution, with a goal of implementing in Academic Year 2022-23.


Comprehensive Campus Survey

More than 12,800 students, faculty and staff responded to Duke University’s first university-wide survey on diversity, equity and inclusion in April 2021. Results from the survey will be used as a baseline to assess current and planned programmatic and policy changes designed to help Duke become a more just and equitable community for all its members. A written report will be issued to the Duke community later in the summer.

Update, November 2021: President Price released the results of the survey, which are guiding the work of REAC.


Annual Review Process

Equity and anti-racism will be included in the ongoing annual review process for direct reports to the president in order to ensure that university leadership continues to consider this a priority for the future.