Cross-Subcommittee Efforts

The most significant REAC project to date is the Duke Annual Report on Racial Equity (DARRE). The purpose of the DARRE is to track progress on racial equity efforts across the various units that comprise the Duke enterprise. The DARRE contains four areas for assessment: Representation, Policies and Practices, Education and Environment. The Representation and Environment sections will be pre-populated with data coming from institutional resources. Information on Policies and Practices as well as Education and Environment will be collected from units. This tool is an important step towards institutionalizing an accountability system and encouraging transparency as we advance our goal for a racially equitable Duke. The DARRE effort is deeply connected to other core work areas being advanced by the REAC Subcommittee members. This project will be supplemented by:  

  • A catalog of tools for individuals and units that are learning about and responding to issues of race, racism, and racial equity  
  • Educational modules focused on key issues in Duke’s campus culture  
  • A communications strategy for disseminating information related to racial equity at Duke

For these connected efforts, our goals are as follows:

Communications Strategy

Develop a communications approach for creating and disseminating information, stories, etc. related to REAC’s commitment to advancing racial equity.   

Implementation Tools

Build a repository of resources that will support units as they respond to their results from the DARRE and Duke Campus Culture Survey  

Educational Modules

Create training modules informed by salient issues from the Duke Campus Culture Survey, DARRE, and other areas relevant to understanding racial equity across units at Duke