REAC Subcommittee: Infrastructure & Policy


Every unit at Duke engages policies, protocols, and practices that advance racial equity.

The Infrastructure and Policy Subcommittee is charged with examining the capacity and structural support for strategic initiatives to advance racial equity. This subcommittee is centrally focused on understanding barriers and facilitators to staff advancement at Duke and reviewing institutional policies and practices that address equity and are connected to accountability structures. In collaboration with the other REAC subcommittees and institutional leaders, the Infrastructure and Policy Subcommittee provides recommendations for ways that Duke can align its stated commitments to equity to its actual work and support of the lived experience of each member of the Duke community. 

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2023-25 Priorities 

  • Finalize and implement the inaugural launch and review process for evaluating unit progress according to standards set forth by the Duke Annual Report on Racial Equity (DARRE).  
  • Advocate for resources to support the implementation of projects related to REAC’s core work areas. 
  • Provide support for Human Resources’ plans to evaluate professional development model for staff and to surface any strategies to support more clear advancement pathways.

2023-25 Goals 

  • Connect with local units to prepare and support them in completing and responding to the Duke Annual Report on Racial Equity (DARRE)  
  • Evaluate and support the implementation of structural changes at Duke to shift the demographic picture of our staff and faculty