REAC Subcommittee: Infrastructure & Policy


The Infrastructure and Policy Subcommittee will examine the capacity and structural support for strategic initiatives to advance racial equity, importantly recruitment and retention, and review institutional policies and practices that address equity and are connected to accountability structures. This subcommittee will also focus on the levers that influence systemic change and identify ways that the institution can align its stated commitments to equity to its actual work and support of the lived experience of each member of the campus community. This work will include identifying gaps and opportunities in the infrastructure of the institution necessary to support the overall commitments.

Current Priorities

  • Examine the goals for racial equity identified by the other subcommittees, and specify policy and resource needs to implement recommendations that arise from the identified goals.
  • Evaluate specific needs as it relates to pay equity, pathways to career growth and advancement, and position equity (address the over-concentration of Black and BIPOC employees in certain roles and employment levels.)
  • Produce an end-of-academic-year report that outlines the anticipated policy development and resource needs associated with each institutional goal for racial-equity.
  • Create a plan for a high-level review/report-out of the progress in units/departments (for example, an Annual Report/Report Card) for each area of campus.


Our membership is under review. Updated member lists be available in Fall 2023.