REAC Subcommittee: Campus Climate & Assessment


The Duke community is fully empowered to make evidence-based decisions that use data and rigorous methods to advance racial equity. 

The Climate and Assessment Subcommittee is charged with highlighting trends and analyzing emerging outcomes from institutional datasets, including the Duke Campus Culture Survey. The Climate and Assessment Subcommittee will use data to identify gaps in policies and practices and inform educational and training opportunities that support equity at Duke. This subcommittee provides recommendations to campus leaders and work collaboratively with the REAC subcommittees and other groups across campus to center data-driven approaches developing and ongoing processes and deliverables. 

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2023-25 Priorities 

  • Developing resources to support unit-level work to respond to campus climate concerns   
  • Determining opportunities for research to supplement the Duke Campus Culture Survey
  • Supporting the development and analysis of key initiatives including:  
    • the 2024 Duke Campus Culture Survey   
    • the Duke Annual Report on Racial Equity (DARRE)   

2023-25 Goals 

  • Help all communities at Duke (faculty, staff and students) to understand the value and benefit of data use in climate work. 
  • Fully integrate the work and expertise of the Subcommittee into the DARRE implementation and review process. 
  • Create instrument(s) to make data more accessible to the entire campus community.