REAC Subcommittee: Campus Climate & Assessment


The Climate and Assessment Subcommittee is charged with highlighting trends and analyzing outcomes that emerge in institutional datasets, including the first Duke Climate Survey on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The Climate and Assessment Committee will use data to identify gaps in policies and practices and inform educational and training opportunities that support equity at Duke. This subcommittee will provide recommendations to campus leaders and work collaboratively with the REAC subcommittees on specific initiatives, including:

  • Infrastructure and Policy: commission institution-wide studies on pay equity,  advancement, and promotion
  • Education and Training: develop toolkits to translate data into actionable steps (for use in local units)
  • Communications: assist leaders with data analysis to include local context and lived experiences

Initial Priorities

  • Work to understand the data, both in aggregate and disaggregate form, to ensure that no points are missed. This includes identifying opportunities for additional data collection to further address nuances and gaps.
  • Advise leaders and the broader campus community on how to understand and use institutional data to inform their units and subunits.
  • Work collaboratively with sub-committee co-chairs to identify follow-up measures from the initial data review.

  • Establish a program of coordinated surveys of our faculty, students, and staff to assess and inform our progress in addressing bias and promoting respect, meaningful inclusion, and true equity in our community.

Year 1 Update

­The Climate and Assessment (C&A) Subcommittee held the primary charge of assisting units with the roll-out and contextualization of the data from the 2021 Duke Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Climate Survey. In year 1, the co-chairs of the subcommittee (Merlise Clyde and Sherilynn Black), in collaboration with David Jamieson-Drake, worked extensively with REAC subcommittee co-chairs to provide support to units and leaders across campus as they received access to the survey data. The C&A Subcommittee collaborated with the Office for Faculty Advancement and the Office for Institutional Equity to hold two full-day retreats for academic and administrative leaders to engage in a ‘deep dive’ with the institutional climate data. These retreats were followed by 4 post-retreat sessions to allow for longitudinal engagement with leaders as they continued work in their local units. The C&A Subcommittee also developed a guide to catalog and document institutional data sources for the university community. This guide will be shared on the Racial Equity at Duke Website during the summer of 2022.

Read more about the work of the Climate and Assessment Subcommittee.

The following items reflect our focal points for the Subcommittee’s work in Year 2:

  • Catalog survey instruments developed locally in schools and units for shared access for Duke leaders, and develop a guide for best practices in survey deployment (fall 2022)
  • Develop and conduct pay equity analyses, including retention and promotion studies (winter 2022)
  • Develop toolkit to assist leaders in translating survey data into measurable actions, including assistance with interpreting survey results while considering local context (winter 2022)


Co-chaired by Sherilynn Black, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Merlise Clyde, Professor of Statistical Science.

  • Geeta Swamy, Associate Vice President for Research, SOM
  • Tomi Akinyemiju, Associate Professor of Population Health Sciences, SOM
  • David Jamieson-Drake, Assistant Vice Provost for Institutional Research
  • Jeff Ferranti, Chief Information Officer and Vice President for Informatics, DUHS
  • Adrienne Stiff-Roberts, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Pratt
  • John Klingensmith, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, TGS
  • Rick Larrick, Professor of Business Administration, Fuqua
  • Arnold Tao, PhD Student Biomedical Engineering
  • Kate Whetten, Professor of Public Policy and Global Health, Sanford
  • Lee Baker, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Trinity
  • Eduardo Bonilla Silva, Professor of Sociology, Trinity
  • Sandy Darity, Professor of Public Policy and Economics, Sanford
  • Jay Pearson, Assistant Professor of Public Policy and Global Health, Sanford
  • Antwan Lofton, Assistant Vice President for Staff and Labor Relations, HR
  • Jessica Sperling, Lead, Evaluation and Engagement, Duke Social Sciences Research Institute
  • Kevin Thomas, Vice Dean for Diversity, School of Medicine
  • Tuere Bowles, Assistant Vice President and Director, Research and Advancement, Durham & Community Affairs
  • Denise Motley, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
  • Molly Weeks, Director of Research, Office of Undergraduate Education
  • Joyce Williams, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources
  • Rebecca Redmond, Director of Assessment & Research, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, School of Medicine