REAC Subcommittee: Education


The Education Subcommittee is charged with examining how the institution engages in racial equity work through the academic curriculum and related instruction for students, and how we support units and departments to improve climate through broad educational opportunities for staff and faculty. This subcommittee is focused on the broad educational opportunities that exist for faculty and staff, and on the curriculum and classroom engagement for students. These areas are inextricably linked, yet distinct in ways that we track, evaluate and support. This subcommittee also considers all aspects of educational engagement, development, and resourcing related to racial equity in their purview, beginning with auditing the various educational opportunities across Duke and identifying existing gaps and points of synergy.

Current Priorities

  • Perform a “mapping” project or audit of institution-wide/health system-wide education and training efforts around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; specifically focused on racial equity opportunities.
  • Determine how best to assess the curricula for racial equity efforts, pedagogy, and framing.
  • Engage each school in an intentional effort to advance racial equity in their curriculum.
  • Develop a report of findings and progress for dissemination to schools and units.


Our membership is under review. Updated member lists be available in Fall 2023.