REAC Subcommittee: Education


Duke consistently develops and provides deep and broad educational engagements that foster anti-racist attitudes and behaviors and enable every person affiliated with Duke to understand and grow in their responsibility to advance racial equity.

The Education Subcommittee is charged with examining how the institution supports units and departments to improve lived experiences, understanding, and overall culture through learning and skill development for members of the Duke community. This subcommittee also considers all aspects of educational engagement, development, and resourcing related to racial equity in their purview, and is beginning their work with auditing the various educational opportunities across Duke and identifying existing gaps and points of synergy. 

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2023-25 Priorities 

  • Continue to collect and catalog enterprise-wide education and training efforts around race, racism, and racial equity  
  • Develop educational content on key issues related to racial equity with particular attention to data from the Duke Campus Culture Survey.   
  • Contribute educational content to the work of the other REAC subcommittees supporting units in their endeavors to:     
    • Conduct internal analyses through the Duke Annual Report on Racial Equity (DARRE).    
    • Create strategies and resources for moving their units forward.   
  • Develop an accountability plan for ensuring and evaluating the success of our educational efforts.

2023-25 Goals 

  • Populate and publish the “Mapping Tool” for cataloging educational engagements related to racial equity at Duke. 
  • Develop educational module content in response to the needs collected from the Duke Campus Culture Survey and the Mapping Tool among other sources.