Campus Culture Survey

The first Campus Culture Survey in 2021 showed that different members of the community had vastly different experiences at Duke. Three years later, a follow-up survey hopes to show where progress has been made and where more effort is needed to create a welcoming, supportive and equitable campus environment.

In the years since the 2021 Survey, academic and administrative leaders across campus have come together in an annual retreat focused on facilitating the collaborative work of improving local cultures and climates and creating equitable practices. These retreats have highlighted the ongoing efforts by departments, institutes and administrative units to address problems they identified in their own programs.

For units across Duke, culture change is coming in a variety of ways. For many it started with reviewing internal practices to address discrimination or to improve career opportunities for all. Others have focused on reviewing curriculums and expanding outreach to community partners to boost educational opportunities for students there. The list of efforts to improve campus culture at Duke continues to grow.

Response collection for the 2024 Campus Culture Survey is currently underway. Responses will be accepted through March 17, 2024. No individually identifiable results will ever be published. Members of the Duke community should keep an eye on their email for an invitation to take the survey.

Campus Culture Survey Working Groups

Steering Committee 

Provide feedback regarding strategy and feasibility 

  • Antwan Lofton
    Vice President for Human Resources  
  • Abbas Benmamoun
    Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement  
  • Kimberly Hewitt
    Vice President for Institutional Equity
  • Mary Pat McMahon
    Vice President/Vice Provost for Student Affairs
  • Leigh Goller
    Chief Audit, Risk, and Compliance Officer
  • Suzanne Barbour
    Dean and Vice President for Graduate Education
  • Isaiah Hamilton
    President Duke Student Government
  • Keanu Valibia
    President Duke Graduate and Professional Student Government 

Design Working Group 

Review 2021 instrument and provide recommendations for changes and dissemination plan

  • Tomi Akinyemiju
    Population Health Science 
  • Bill Marchese
    Human Resources
  • David Jamieson-Drake
    Institutional Research
  • Jiali Luo
    Institutional Research
  • Sunshine Hillygus
  • Leslye Kornegay
  • Ashleigh Rosette
  • Rebecca Redmond
    School of Medicine 

Outreach Working Group 

Make recommendations to increase participation among staff, faculty and students 

  • Kate Whetten
  • Paul Grantham
    Human Resources
  • Tracy Temne
    Alumni Engagement and Development
  • Quinton Dixie
  • Christina Kline
    Disability Management System
  • Esther Lee Kim
  • Ernest Grant
  • Andrea Martin
  • Nicki Cagle