REAC Subcommittees

The four subcommittees of the Racial Equity Advisory Council (REAC) will make recommendations to the Council to review, approve, and forward to the Executive Leadership. The subcommittees will also draw on experts at Duke and outside to identify best practices upon which to base their recommendations.

These four subcommittees will work in collaboration and meet regularly to create a system where Duke’s racial equity work overlaps and fortifies the work in each area.

Campus Climate & Assessment

Using data to identify gaps in policy and practices, and informing educational and training opportunities that support equity at Duke.


  • Catalog survey instruments developed locally in schools and units for shared access for Duke leaders
  • Develop guide to catalog and document institutional data sources for the university community 
  • Develop and conduct pay equity analyses, including retention and promotion studies
  • Develop toolkit to assist local leaders in translating survey data into measurable actions


Examining how Duke engages in racial equity work through the academic curriculum and instruction, as well as how to support units to improve climate through learning.


  • Develop a database of educational activities Duke-wide focused on racial equity and anti-racism
  • Identify core constituencies for developing this database
  • Develop a tool for soliciting information from units
  • Explore strategies for engaging each school to reimagine its curriculum


Working to increase transparency and engagement related to race and equity work on campus by increasing efforts to inform and involve each member of the community.


  • Solicit personal stories for storytelling initiative
  • Update Racial Equity website
  • Define the relationship between advancing racial equity and Duke Values
  • Create and monitor feedback channels
  • Create and manage an editorial calendar

Infrastructure & Policies

Examining the capacity and structural support for strategic initiatives and reviewing institutional policies and practices that address equity.


  • Develop a racial equity advancement rubric for measuring progress on racial equity and running the model for selected units
  • Develop recommendations on pay equity and promotion/retention
  • Work to address concerns about advancement opportunities
  • Future Goal
  • Underway, Deliverable Summer/Fall 2022
  • Completed